Straight to the Point Archery

528 Nock Point Ln, Tacoma, WA 98412

(253) 555-1010 | Open M-F, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

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How We Became The Best


instructor Derek Jenkins headshot

Derek Jenkins

Derek is a Washington native and an experienced outdoorsman with many years hunting, fishing, skiing, canoeing, archery, shooting and minimalistic camping. His skillful mastery of bushcraft and wilderness survival knowledge helps define his character. He enjoys handcrafting his own long bows, flint knapped primitive arrows and making custom leather products.

instructor Amy Smith headshot

Amy Smith

Amy truly has a passion for archery. She comes from a long line of hunters, fisherman, and trappers of Canada. Amy places a strong emphasis on safety and is enthusiastic about teaching. Amy also loves fitness, and has been a YMCA group exercise and personal trainer for over 18 years.

instructor Nathan Lee headshot

Nathan Lee

Nathan is an USA Archery Certified Level 3 NTS – Coach and has been teaching archery since 2009. He has been interested in archery since he nocked his first arrow while a Boy Scout at Scout camp. Nathan has many years of experience teaching people of all ages, experience gained as a Martial Arts Instructor and Studio Manager.


owner Giap Nguyen headshot

Giap Nguyen

Giap Nguyen started Straight to the Point Archery in 2005. He's an avid and accomplished archer himself, having competed with the United States Archery Team in the 2000 Summer Olympics. He has three children, and started Straight to the Point in part because he was not satisfied with the archery eduction options for them in Tacoma. After The Hunger Games books and movies came out, he noticed a surge in popularity of archery among young people, especially young women, and the business has been booming ever since.